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SNK LINE stickers

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Happy Easter!

pacific rim: four characters

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Happy Easter!

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I wish it was socially acceptable to wear whatever we want and I’m just not talking about revealing clothes I’m talking about togas and full on Victorian dress and evening gowns for the hell of it. I mean imagine if people went around dressed like elves or dwarves from Lord of the Rings it would be fabulous I mean have you seen how hot that stuff makes you

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the silence is deafening. 

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Friendly reminder that they tore up the ending once, and they will do so again. Metatron, like Lucifer before him, will come to see just how wrong he is. Team Free Will is having none of this destiny bullshit.

Notice how Luci-Sam was addressing Dean, whose refusal to accept Michael was essential to Team Free Will winning ultimately?  And Metatron was addressing Gadreel, the pawn he assumes will just do what he says out of gratitude, with no free will or thought of his own.  An angel who let the snake into Heaven as his own choice (manipulated he implied, but in this ep he also owned it as his own choice)…  I think this foreshadowing is not of Team Free Will winning, but the importance of free choice in general.  I think Gadreel will be the deciding factor in how S9 ends, because he’s been over-looked by everyone who assumes he won’t make choices on his own.

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